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Hey there…and thanks for visiting. I know there are a bunch of other web hosting reviews sites out there so I’m happy that you’re here and hope you find the stuff I wrote useful. I remember when I first started out..I had a free site on Geocities back in the late 90’s. Back then, to register a domain it was over $30+ dollars and web hosting was pretty expensive and ofcourse the options you get nowadays weren’t available back then.

So fast forward 10+ years later and dozens of domains registered, I thought I should create a site like this to help you out so you can avoid my mistakes. I’ve used many web hosting companies and switched between even more.

Now is probably the best time to get your website online. Domain registration is inexpensive and web hosting is even more inexpensive. Heck…with monthly hosting costs being as low as $3.50/month, it’s cheaper than buying a cup a coffee. So get your own website online and let me know when you do! I’d like to start showcasing some visitors that found my site useful so please let me know!

– Joey