How To Register A Domain With GoDaddy


Ready to grab a piece of online real estate? Then the first thing you need to do is to register a domain? It’s a big step so remember to read all this information before proceeding. There are a few different places to register domains. The most popular place is so this article will walk you through the steps of registering a domain with


First think you’ll need to do is visit (click the link to be automatically taken there). There you should see something similar to the screenshot I took. It changes from time to time but should look somewhat similar. Type in what you want as a domain name and it’ll search to see if it’s available. Hopefully the domain you want is still available.


SUCCESS! If you see this screen that means the domain you wanted is available and now it’s time to get started on registering the domain you want. Click the ADD button to get started.


Godaddy will try to upsell you as you check-out and it can be a bit confusing for beginners but don’t worry! Take your time and see if the services they are offering you are something you want. In this example, GoDaddy is offering you the chance to add the domain with different url’s such as .net or .org. Most should be fine with just the .com ending.


The next step is to register an account with and then you’ll be taken to a few steps where you can select the number of years you want to register the domain and other options. In this screenshot, you have the option to add PRIVACY to your domain registration. This means you want to hide your registration information (such as your name and address) as that information is public information. If this is something you want, most will be fine with just the PRIVATE REGISTRATION.


You’re almost there! You’ll be presented with some more upsell such as web hosting and other Godaddy services. If you decide you want to host your website with Godaddy, then select it now or if not, there are plenty of other web hosting options that we list here on our site.


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it to the last step. Enter in your payment information and the domain is yours! Hope you find this tutorial useful!

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