What Is Web Hosting?


What is web hosting? That’s one of the most common questions we get.

WAIT A MINUTE! Only proceed if you already have a domain…if you don’t have one yet, read our guide to registering a domain before you begin!

When you visit any website (like the one you are on right now), all this text and images have to be stored somewhere right? So when we created this website, we had all this information and pictures we wanted to share but we needed a ‘home’ if you want to call it that, a home for our stuff. So where do you find this home? You find them at web hosting companies where you can ‘rent’ space from them to put your stuff online for people to see.

This is probably what a web hosting company data center looks like. Somewhere in there is this website.

Not too complicated now right? But why do you need web hosting? You only need web hosting if you want to create a website. Every website you see is being stored somewhere with a web hosting company.

The hard question is which web hosting company do you choose? What options do you need? That’s where we hope we can help you find the best web hosting company for your needs whether it be for blogging or ecommerce.

So now you know what web hosting is and why it’s so important. 🙂

Ready to continue? Check out our Top 10 Choices For Web Hosting page.

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