Which Web Hosting Company Is The Best?


Asking which hosting company is the best is like asking which car is the best. They’re all different yet the same but some will only work best for you. There are many things you need to take into consideration which we’ll list the most important ones.

Why Uptime Is Important
Uptime means how often your website is accessible online. Most web hosting companies will offer a guaranteed uptime percentage. Most offer 99.9% uptime which is great as they are that confident that your site won’t go down. Because if your site goes down, then that means nobody can access it. Which means that nobody can read what you’re writing (if you’re blogging) or you’ll lose sales because a customer can’t get onto your site to buy something.

Why Speed Is Important
People have a short attention span. If something takes too long, they’ll move onto the next best thing. You want visitors to your site to stay and see what it’s about. If your site takes too long to load, you’ll lose the visitor and/or sale which is no good online. There are tools online for you to check your website speed but read our reviews about each web hosting company. We detail out in a nice pretty chart how fast their servers are.

Why Customer Service Is Very Important
If you’re like us, we don’t really understand all the techy stuff. Luckily web hosting companies have made it easy for us to learn what they offer (like unlimited bandwidth, storage space and more) but what happens when your website doesn’t work? Who is going to help you out? Most likely it’s going to be your web hosting support team as they have full access to your website and more. So when (unfortunately it’s not an IF) your website has problems, make sure your web hosting is there for you…24/7 365 days a year.

With that said, check out our Top 10 Web Hosting Company List to make your own decision.

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